Do you need a powerful email support software that you can integrate inside your current mailbox? Keeping™ is designed to organize your email support channel more effectively and brings true collaboration to email.

Your Gmail account + Keeping™ = A powerful email support software

Organize all inbound customer support emails and manage them in a centralized and collaborative way, directly from your current mailbox. 

Our customers use Keeping™ to provide email support to their customers. But what is an email support software? It is a software  that enables a team to respond to customer support inquiries more quickly and more efficiently. Keeping™ is a powerful email ticket-management program that lets a team work together when responding to support emails.

Unlike traditional help desk, Keeping™ integrates insides your current mailbox. See why we think we offer a better alternative to traditional help desk. 

The easiest way to interact  with any customer is using mail. Your customers already email you but emails may fall in the cracks and because email is not designed for collaboration  it makes it difficult to have more than one person respond to support email. This is why you need an email support software that centralizes all incoming emails into one common system. Keeping™ email support software solves that problem by providing a complete help desk solution for all email interaction.

Keeping™ is the world’s first email support software that fully integrates inside Gmail & Google Apps. 


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