Are you in the market for a powerful customer service software to better manage your customer support department? Discover Keeping™, the world’s first customer service software that integrates inside your current mailbox. It is designed to organize customer service more effectively and brings true collaboration to your team.

Your Gmail account + Keeping™ = A powerful customer service software

Businesses need customer service software to better handle support interactions generated during the normal course of trading.

What Is Customer Service Software?

customer service softwareCustomer service software helps agents collaborate, route  resolve and report on customer emails. This is often referred as help desk software. Most solutions on the market are external to email and force businesses to migrate their entire support channel externally even though customers already send emails.

This is why we have created Keeping™: A customer service software that is designed to streamline the issue resolution process by automating many common support activities and that is fully integrated inside your current mailbox.

Keeping™ is designed to too boost your agent productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Benefits of using a customer service software like Keeping™.

Once setup, your customer service tool will not only bring to your team a better way to manage customer support but add a layer of transparency and reporting to management:

Increased accountability. By logging every customer email, one will see which agent handled which problem and provides team members with ongoing feedback.

Better coordination management. Customer service software that fully integrates with email the way Keeping™ does  lets more than one person answer support email.

Reduce time required to resolve issues. Customer service  software will reduce the amount of time required to resolve an repetitive inquiries. Keeping™ offer a feature to automatically answer repetitive emails. In some industries these can represent more than 80% of support email receive. Having a customer service software that reduce time will more your team even more productive.

Having the right tool is only one part of the equation but you also need to train your team to have the right customer service skills. Here is a guide on how to provide excellent customer service. We welcome you to share these best practices with your team.


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