What we are developing

Keeping.com is a customer support tool that will not only help you manage your customers inquiries more effectively but will help you close more sales while saving you time and money. It includes a collaborative help-desk as well as an intelligent widget that collects enquiries and automatically answers frequently asked questions.

Who we are

Keeping.com is developed by Vincent Cassar and Daniel Piché; two great innovators with over 20 years of combined experience in web technologies.

Why do we publish a progress report

Working in an isolated start-up environment can at times make us feel disconnected with our target market. Unlike in brick and mortar businesses, we have limited direct physical contact with our customers and therefore face the challenge of gathering feedback as we have very few ways of interacting with them

To solve this challenge we decided to post our progress on a bi-monthly basis. Posting our progress not only makes us more accountable but also motivates us to reach our goals. By making a commitment to an external group, even if only virtually, achieving what we started becomes a lot more significant.

The reports help us with a means of gathering feedback and therefore improved service delivery.

Keeping.com is about to change positively the way you manage customer enquiries.